earthly conduct

by Single Soul

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Brendan MacBrayne
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Brendan MacBrayne No album this year, maybe ever, has taken me on a journey like this. One of my favorite things about Single Soul is how well the art always corresponds to the music, and this is no exception. A journey through the troubled mind of an adolescent, using classic sad indie rock as a template, with influences ranging from Grouper to Coltrane. Get it while it's new and cool, or kick yourself years later for having waited so long to discover the next truly great indie rock record. 10 fucking stars. Favorite track: claws ii.
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an amiable attempt to justify infinite dualities that run in circles, coming to terms with existence and solid shifts in reality

mescaline claws + slate grey improvisations: songs of grocery and hope (single soul plays the standards)

thank you so very much to everyone who plays on this or contributed to it in any way at all, this would absolutely not be possible without you


released September 7, 2016

album art by catarina miranda

jacob - composition, guitar, vocals, bass, keys, reeds, little drum, field recordings, plundering, etc.
ollie - violin (on tracks 2, 8), additional composition and tenor saxophone (on track 9), percussion (on track 7)
brendan - percussion (on tracks 1, 5, 7, 9)
michael - alto saxophone (on tracks 1, 3, 7), percussion (on track 10)
erik - viola (on tracks 1, 10), bass (on track 10)
garrett - bass (on track 1)
brandon - guitar (on track 7)

dedicated to a few friends, a few artists, and you! xoxo



all rights reserved
Track Name: new jacob leaves his discomfort
i'm walking to a place i don't know
i am moving forward
towards a smell of cow shit
without my book
when you're gone i like to open it
and scan the pages with my eyes
and let my whole body feel the same
no will to move

so soon there will be nothing
or we can only pray

you're not in such a bad place
you get goosebumps when you hear coltrane
we're in love with a sad green paradise
living uncontrollable it's all so comfortable

you claim that your life needs a purpose
well now, who taught you to be so selfish?

black out, turn pale, my name is not jordan
i lost all my strength in the garden
i couldn't feel your spirit there
instead stared so straight into the eyes of dogs
i felt the ultraviolet pull my arm

let us make love to noise
we can bathe while our dinner cools
but i think i've heard this one before, love
there is no love here at all
just neck and thighs

you put on the mustache hat backwards
and draped my great-grandfather's coat over your shoulders
the coat was lost and something more
you lost your warmth
but you've never left your body
and i wouldn't leave a body like that
Track Name: i didn't go to prom
i didn't go to prom
i just went to my job
i didn't have no fun
i didn't have no one
except for the cashier scanning groceries
next to me
was a nice girl named jasey
but now i think she's married
and that's a wonderful thing

ripped faux fishnet k-mart tights big red boots
you can't tell if they're wearing any shorts because their t-shirt is so big
messy bob straight fringe smelling of munt and cigarettes
very thin in big black jacket very pale little to no features
ipod screen very cracked
backpack is too small to hold any signifcant amount of textbooks

i didn't go to class
more fun to lay in the grass
i had it all planned out
i was gonna be famous
but i won't ever be you
maybe i never had room
maybe i should've stayed in jazz band
and learned how to play something impressive

ripped faux fishnet k-mart tights big red boots
you can't tell if they're wearing any shorts because their t-shirt is so big
messy bob straight fringe smelling of munt and cigarettes
very thin in big black jacket very pale little to no features
ipod screen very cracked
backpack is too small to hold any signifcant amount of textbooks
Track Name: blood sanity avocado song
insects scale her bare skin
dragged like smoke into tissue
vodka breath and impossibility of yogurt
grace these lips oh my
memorize these blissful scents you can't describe
bloodied hands and another mended pair of shoes
march came in with nothing new

the sound of candied tender melody
you recognize from the living room
but you cannot exit your bed
hence the term, "metamorphosis"
now young thighs are maroon twigs
i pretend like i'm fed up with it
the flesh of the dead is tasty
savor the taste on your tongue
i am nude covered in blood
Track Name: claws i
your claws are so sharp now, dear
your claws are so sharp now
just like kafka who waits in the bushes for me
drawn to the blood of the first creature she sees

my claws are getting long, dear
my claws are getting long
longer than all the time wasted
i couldn't save you from whatever this is
or the stomach virus that was left in blue sheets
it's no one's fault we stayed out in that cold
palms laid out of reach

but people around here can drain teenagers like you
they just rip out your tongue and take what they want
and there's nothing you can do
you love to do it too
so how could i ever protect you?
it won't matter how much i want to

unlike some
you are not weak
it will flood again
and you will sleep

and unlike some
you're not in love
with anyone
but yourself

satan is an old friend
and he told me last night
"take your claws and sharpen them
you need to hate to survive"

or can an ounce of compassion go a long way
towards the life you always see but your skinny fists can't quite reach
and now you see that all you dream becomes atrophied

the colour green, our faces in the tree, and everything else still won't leave me
won't leave me be
shiva in a white woman proceeds

i am all black pinned to square H8
lost control of the center i have fallen
this is where i stay

i would forgive that face 10,000 times
but not once more
Track Name: pure jakey leaves the garden of boogaloo
still floating on a rock
there is a space inside of me
i wanna take this gaping void
and shove something in it

squirrel woman we have a future
i've seen it, there are swift and salty endings
the bassist of the flaming lips
george coleman plays some sweet licks
i could love a blonde that's never tried to kill me

it's not so easy if women thrill me, just rest assured
never condemn what you don't understand
don't be like your friend that's not my friend

loving and primitive rodent, have you seen the end?
show me how to beat the drum, then off to the woods
i'm just so sure there will be peace in death
Track Name: monday morning propane exchange
amber and chicken, lush sweetness speaks
purple and green, my love is supreme
it's just what it seems
the earth is indifferent
to these little things
Track Name: claws ii
the grass was damp
when i laid my head
to the back of the chair

there is no more light
but the breeze feels alright
when the black hits my eyes

inside your mouth
things become unfolded
there is a lot of doubt

borrowed bodies still feel
this hand stroking your hair
only seems real

the ground splits open
i am swallowed into ultraviolet
stuck in between worlds

i return to this burdened frame
there is no escape
from this place

there are no forests deep enough
there is no rest
no peace in death
Track Name: eden
i am the ant slayer
all my actions are overlooked
all my glances are second
there is tyrannical waste in the palm of my hands
i am yolk death, daily homicide
i am josef, sato, soren, tetsu, i am donald
my name is not important
when these words emerge
you look up, inadvertently lock in
all that time spent becoming yourself
and you keep changing it all at once
fell swoops of blackened death metal
riffs that repeat several times
tenacity and fire that your life once carried
your age toils but never quite augments
at the bus stop your eyes are moons with depth unfathomable
this living we're doing is corruption
my love is pollution

my dogs are barking but i don't want to stop dancing yet
just boots and cats and move my hips
when i sit back down my stomach will ache
all feeling will escape my body
it takes you a second to recall my face
walk up the hill but you don't live there anymore
last visit i left my self defense while you were away
it was pouring, shielding deathwish with my sweater
but now i'm staring down this sunrise
it's nice and it hurts my eyes
then i wonder where you stay
i'll try to keep these things locked away
when you hear scotland i hope it moves you
sometimes there is no will to move
stop chasing happiness and it smacks me in the head
stop inhaling and i can breathe so much easier
i think it's okay to feel this much pain sometimes

alameda, you ask why be sorry
but you know there is no resolution, no solution
there is no semen in your sketches
and there are no more words for you
there is a stomach and an indention in its center
there is all my affinity, and all your pity, all your sympathy
fondness of the body with perpetual attraction to intoxication
a small hit to forget after the fact
but there is no forget
there is no let go
bovine boy can only withdraw so thoroughly
he can only retire so much passion
before all his insides get left on the inside

giant panda, i see your blood, your sanity, your avocado bare
i see you dig into the skin
i get a tiny bit frightened again
bear claws are lodged in your arm, with no one to suck the cut
blood comes to the forefront of your neck now
i hold you as close as i can
i watch you die again and again
and wonder why are you like that?
i will clear my head and i will follow suit
all my evil locked away in a coffer of memories
no one will ever see

i am reborn again, anew
there is sand between my toes
there is dirt between my fingers