Salt and Subsistence

by Oi! Lungless

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There is no weapon more devastating than the truth. There is no act more revolutionary than preservation.

Kalki materialized and we killed him. Now we will suffer for our sins.

But do not fret, and do not anguish. Our fate lies in our blood.

We must simply return to the origins.


released July 4, 2017

Jacob - guitar, vocals, keys, reeds, etc.

Covert art by Catarina / Myxo -



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Wynand Building
no gods, there's just this truth that blows right outside my window. now i know what i know.
no joy, cause there's a manufactured cloud covering your eyelids, how will you know how to love them?
no roar, because your mouths don't work anymore, we're so sorry
no stride, the lucky ones have left you behind, we're not sorry, when it's starry you haunt me
Track Name: White Genocide Pillow Talk
why lie awake at night with the fear of extinction plaguing your mind?
let them spew their bile, and find yourself a wife
your lineage means more than your life

socrates and the kulaks didn't die for some new dogma
we suffer for our principles and burn by their side
give me hope or impalement, i'll accept nothing less
and what's more, give me back my traditions in tact

there is a better alternative indeed, but it isn't death and burning
it's not what you think
it's not a secret or private police
and you wouldn't like it if i told you
sincerity will make you despise me for life
if you're truly of the people than leave them their blood
i reject this obliteration and burning of my heritage
Track Name: Salt and Subsistence
i don't want to justify your bad and not good arts
truth and goodness get burned by relativist sharks
take a seat, have a learn
radicalized and can't discern

i don't want to legitimize your doctrine of lynching so pendulous
based on mere beliefs that lay inside a potato head
take this class, read this book
you're a pawn that also gets rooked

wraiths did not evolve to coddle, why is it that living beings are so?
i know it hurts to remember, but it reconciles itself along the way
stupidly reliving all of our yesterdays through the throes and thralls of consciousness
if the only sane thing is to accept, i will be declared mentally unhinged

vile or brave, there is always a toll
i just want my family nearby
there's an anarchist balancing his checkbook
this land was made to be sustained
Track Name: The Way Things are Going (Manifesto)
ann was in my dream last night
and i have no idea why
it is raining outside
anti-semites don't get high

the wind comes crawling back, and i let her in
hollow and depraved of identity, i take you somewhere beautiful
we drive off at night into the garden of eden
when our bodies coalesce a universe is birthed
right outside my room where slampiss plots deviously
gods of degeneracy let loose a bile upon this lovely yuppie town
she cries in the cemetery at night
she knows there is no way out
she looks in the mirror, she looks like a fucking idiot, it makes her feel better
then she sleeps just fine let it all be forgotten
(if i'm bleeding in a motel, that's the way it ought to be)
after collecting my inheritance your will is now mine
you accept my black heart
and i love your vacant eyes
you are brought to your best then
and i have no choice but to match you

wind spirit watches me sleep, blocks out bad thoughts
keeps me out of a dangerous mind
too free and too feral to live a good life
too golden to laugh at the pained, at least not for an extended period
i say we will be in the world and present in it
until void take me home rest my soul
when my angel comes
when she comes when she comes when
a vengeful fiend worth occupying, the lesser of two evils
full on intersectional daemon-fuck of outside
we need stone hands of love to sew on our sexless fingers
godless before this universe
become rejected, dejected, unrepresented
in a good government cloud of fun
scented of jasemine and sharp boredom
beautiful mind control butterfly communists excrete daily dollop of egalitarian propaganda
the french must've fucked us all, bless their wretched hearts
as soon as post-modern intellectual isn't a contradiction
as soon as we seize the means of prosperity
as soon as the private becomes the public
you have nothing to hide, you have nothing

the world that's coming isn't friendly
and it isn't desirable if you still desire
they build the screens
they sculpt the gray wrinkles
we all have the capacity to be occupied

"you're less than human as we've concluded so"
"fueled by base resentment", psycho-analytical projection
a bullet gets lodged in apollo's ankle
but i won't let you get that power
and i won't let my love and hate get sucker punched by a dilettante
they want my blood to die with me, but i'm having some other ideas
burn all the history
burn all the history
burn all masculinity
burn burn when you breathe in
rust dust post-earth nuclear air
beige power gang of neo-swordsmen
written language is forgotten
culture is decimated
the wheel is going to come back in style
so i hope you're doing well
because things could well be fucked and burning
because there's a line one shouldn't cross
but we don't have to, they'll do it for us

just keep in step
and don't step out of line
we'll all be fine
for all of the time
there's no cliff to march off of
don't be a loon now
Track Name: Bodyboard the Kali Yuga
be a good girl and move your hips goy
be a good slave and redden your lips boy
you were open, now you're closed
a foggy trap rat all alone

ideas of revolution only at the surface
bred you to speak loudly without any tenable purpose

how can i hijack a culture when you're smashing them all together?
how can transgression be vile when there aren't any tangible borders?

moral posturing drowned in drinking
cuts off any critical thinking
drain all your funds on useless shit
reaching utopia bit by bit

i wanna stand tall
i wanna bite the hand that holds me down
you can slouch if you want to
just plan to get stepped on and around

swallow that bitter black pill my brothers
dead civilization can be revived my friends
we have a right to our nations my sisters
if we give up hope we give up everything
Track Name: Naughty Nationalist vs. Legion of Eunuchs
i'm a hermetic heretic baby
so put your bullet in me
you can make me suffer, make me bleed
it won't change a thing

britain to the british, and so forth
from the bargate of southampton to the highlands
they have a right to know what dangers they face

i understand the pull of lucifer
just as well as blinding blankets of virtue
surely there's something more efficient
than addictive power or unbridled masochism

you decimate everything that's good in my eyes
but you're so damn pretty, it's awful
the words you vomit make me want to give up on everything
but you look so adorable doing it

maybe there's no turning back
i won't turn my back on my ancestors
can you say the same?
to facilitate is to lose the game
is it just in your blood to betray?
they weakened you with fiction and fray
since birth they've had you castrated
not a first-world practice, now awaited

i was born into freedom, or so i thought
necessity aside, i need to speak my mind
without the threat of hanging or worse
they might call me a name
(this will not deter men weaker than i)
Track Name: In Opposition to Obliteration and Burning
this year has been fair to you and i
it's the commotion inside that makes you cry
you cough and spew your life away
but the dream of satan stands beyond your reach

the refined hands of man
i run them through my hair
there is a divide
between you and i

you suck on that pipe like it's a pacifier
and the pacifists heads held low, they won't look you in the eye
walk outside, there's too much pity, so much spite inside
amazing grace still moves me even if every word's a lie

because i am divine
just the same as any man
we keep looking up to the sky
instead of at ourselves
Track Name: Post-Modern Nihilist Fuckbags
you're crying on the toilet, you numb fuckstick
you pray to opioids as if they carved mountains
shave off all that nasty critical theory
i want you to commit, commit, commit
Track Name: A World Without Schoenberg
fresher friends plant fresher ideals
equalized children eat niggardly meals
animals are your god
humans are not people
and when humanity is eschewed
won't you wanna be loved too?
so keep your serial scribbles at home
you find no audience here
Track Name: I Wanna Go to Hell
i wanna go to hell
so i won't be by myself
i want a demon to come
and tear my heart out

i don't wanna go to hell
just let me be by myself
they never taught me how to live
a fate of working in construction
Track Name: Biography
boy check out these dance moves
you won't believe these grooves
i put on do make say think
and tear up this whole damn town
Track Name: In Support of Obliteration and Burning
i would swallow my pride for the tender and soft
i'd give up everything i knew i thought
if you came running with the best of intentions

you say there's no value in the eyes of my people
you say there's no beauty in the most profound detail
marx keeps bloody impaling you, i'll let it be
Track Name: Self Defense Withdrawal
i keep applying for these base jobs i'll hate
why can't we fill in our own blank spaces?
the romans conquered and thrived with homogeneity by their side
we can pick our own goddamn strawberries, thank you
you might be an unparalleled genius
you might be a machete wielding barbarian
or a queen of social services
we have all these people already

all my revolutionary and liberty minded friends
you've got this nasty adolescent fear of compromise
you're so bright and yet naive, myopic, and fanciful
individualism is a blast until it becomes so damn obstructive
your arguments are all righteousness with no viability
and you'd be more charming with just a dash of humility

maybe i'm just weak, paranoid, and insecure
but i feel stronger and saner than i ever have before
Track Name: When My Angel Comes
when my angel comes
it will all make sense
as i rise into the fire
she takes hold of me

we are haunted still
by our place in time
i am lost now
but not for long

in dreams, see the way it will end
there's a gun held to the back of my head
but the hand is not my own
and neither is the gun

how can i reconcile my sins?
only through shaping a future without petulance