claws i

from by Single Soul

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your claws are so sharp now, dear
your claws are so sharp now
just like kafka who waits in the bushes for me
drawn to the blood of the first creature she sees

my claws are getting long, dear
my claws are getting long
longer than all the time wasted
i couldn't save you from whatever this is
or the stomach virus that was left in blue sheets
it's no one's fault we stayed out in that cold
palms laid out of reach

but people around here can drain teenagers like you
they just rip out your tongue and take what they want
and there's nothing you can do
you love to do it too
so how could i ever protect you?
it won't matter how much i want to

unlike some
you are not weak
it will flood again
and you will sleep

and unlike some
you're not in love
with anyone
but yourself

satan is an old friend
and he told me last night
"take your claws and sharpen them
you need to hate to survive"

or can an ounce of compassion go a long way
towards the life you always see but your skinny fists can't quite reach
and now you see that all you dream becomes atrophied

the colour green, our faces in the tree, and everything else still won't leave me
won't leave me be
shiva in a white woman proceeds

i am all black pinned to square H8
lost control of the center i have fallen
this is where i stay

i would forgive that face 10,000 times
but not once more


from earthly conduct, released September 7, 2016



all rights reserved