Bedroom Pop Illuminati

by Single Soul/Depression at Denny's

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v cool split of coolness. thanks to ann for being cool and doing this split with me, thanks to zach for being cool and being the only person i can trust to see if my songs suck or not, thanks to anyone who supports me for being cool, and anyone else who is cool. oh and thanks to u for listening!!


released August 21, 2014

songs by jacob and ann
viola on "ur just lonely sometimes" by the v cool erik sheader-smith
artwork by ann



all rights reserved
Track Name: Single Soul - mixtape nostalgia
i never thought i'd meet someone so entrancing, no one whose words flow quite as well as yours. and the way ur voice sounds is far too angelic for it to belong to any human soul. i am not afraid of what we could be, u deserve more than me, i know that you'll end up happy.
Track Name: Single Soul - ur just lonely sometimes
i'm chippin away at myself
to find a part of me that's good.
if i keep takin away
soon there won't be nothin left.
sometimes i even scare myself
with every uneasy thought.
and even if u aren't here
ur always here in my mind.
Track Name: Single Soul - hands free scotch hugs part 1
i don't want to hug u anymore bcuz it just makes me sad and uncomfortable. i'd just like to drink until i'm numb the booze hugging my throat is all i want to feel right now. being in love with u is something i don't want think about, it's something i try to suppress. is it odd that i still think about when we kissed in bible study? i suppose that means nothing now.
Track Name: Single Soul - in my dreams everyone likes me and ur my wife
would u be sad if things changed? would u be sad if i went away?
Track Name: Depression at Denny's - kwassa demo
Is your bed made?
Is your sweater on?
Track Name: Depression at Denny's - tongue virgin
I have never touched another tongue with mine
I am hoping that will change
I have only brushed another human's lips
I am hoping that will multiply
Kiss me
I have good breath sometimes
And I have real great personality
Kiss me kiss me
Before I find you lame and throw you out
Into the garbage can.
Track Name: Depression at Denny's - hands free scotch hugs part 2
satan loves idle hands
fortunately i'm not going to hell

i cant hug anyone today or again
hands always doing something
really really bad

take me to a place
where we can sleep forever
watch the snow
from under fuzzy blankets and
feel that
sliding down my throat
like a warm hug
sliding down my throat
Track Name: Depression at Denny's - lust
i thought of you in the twilight sprawled across my covers