photo shoot suicide

by Single Soul/Boring Bathtimes

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our punk rock


released August 3, 2015

jacob - most things on the single soul side
ollie - most things on the boring bathtimes side
erik~~ - viola on "one body"

cover photo by bryce reed



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Track Name: Single Soul - kroger night crew
keep seeing the same faces
like cable TV in a hospital
body sore in bed, aches outside
sore spot on my ulna survives

woke up lifeless in succession
preserve a legacy of defeats
put on a dirty uniform
self-esteem takes another beating

feel ugly, look tired, speak cold
still you look nice in orange
but i don't feel when you speak
proceed to think about nice korean girl

come home to two bottles of wine
pass out hungover, wake up drunk
drones play on repeat
sore spot on my ulna aches

guitar case full of sedatives
like my head in a hospital
save a flight for the next night
after i get paid again

take one at a time
addiction is a mental process
demons sing love songs
i was clean for a year

still have a few things to say
still not sure how to say them
but i feel when she speaks
proceed to think about nice lesbian girl

come home to red rum in white cups
pass out sober, wake up drunk
drones repeat on command
sore spot on my ulna remains
Track Name: Single Soul - birthmark in the shape of mexico
you could say that it's the start of something new
but you don't and you won't know if it'll ever come true
and you lie and you wait for the sunrise to put you to sleep
so you won't know yourself just like you never knew me

you have to hit bottom in order to see that you ain't all that you made yourself out to be and you have to react if you want her to ever call back.

and you ain't quite what i thought that you were but that's alright cause we're still on the verge of something that could be referred to as good.

but soon i will be moving away so i won't get that feeling when i see your face in a dim-lit bedroom that i don't want to leave.

cause sooner than later i'll be by myself at 4:21 A.M. looking for self-help in a dim-lit bedroom that i just want to leave.
Track Name: Single Soul - one body
can't keep a steady mind
can't keep myself occupied

my body doesn't know what it wants
my heart isn't a part of me
i am not free
my heart isn't a part of me
i am forever free

can't keep a steady hand
motor skills lack like needs met
when wants and needs blend together

soul searching fails when you're left begging the question, 'what is me?'
meditation fails when you can't ever sit still
the outside world has nothing to offer me
i will be inside forever

the body i'm in is not mine
my spirit conjured through wine
this body doesn't tell you what it needs to
my mind can't satisfy you

my mind won't suffice