Songs About Girls

by Single Soul

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Huge thanks to Ruby and Erik for helping out with this EP, huge thanks to Zach and Annie for being awesome friends as well as musical insprations, huge thanks to Itchy, Big Nig, Sarah, other Sarah, Demi, Chris, my folks, Mort, Derek, Cammy, Austin, Uncle Bryce, Wack, that dude that reviewed I Wish I Was A Bird, Andrew, Judio, Lakie, 36, Edvin, and anyone else who has ever supported me.


released June 17, 2014

Guitar, piano, and words by Jacob.
Viola by Erik Sheader-Smith.
Album art by Ruby



all rights reserved
Track Name: Wierder Than Carissa
I suppose I should have forgotten you by now, but those long nights still linger. And of course I remember when we would fight, and of course I remember the nights we cherished. And how you would say you loved me, and I could never stress enough how much I loved back. And when you cut hair. And I couldn't how beautiful you looked. And when you wore that dress. And when you made me think about you every second of the day. I could never forget you. And there is nothing more beautiful than your body or your skin. And whoever you end up with will be the the luckiest person on earth. I could never stop loving you because you are truly perfect. I miss the way we would talk. I miss when you needed me.
Track Name: Ur My Sofisticated Fuck Princess
I love our own language that we speak, and how fluent you are. And I love the way you always want to talk to me. I love how you understand what is to feel as hopeless as I do. And I know all of these words have been said before, but I'm saying them now for you. Ur my sofisticated fuck princess, and I don't even know what that means. And I don't care what others think about you, you'll always be beautiful to me. I don't think that you feel the same way, but I guess that's okay. I just hope that I make you happy, so I can give you something.