anthology for mothers

from by Single Soul

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how the earthen peak stands gracefully out of reach
what is it you seek? and will you find it underneath

you felt cursed just a second after birth when you're tiny little legs felt the absence of earth
you put on a dark hat and hid behind feathers like a raven in autumn shielding itself from weather

and it won't end how they like
unless we stay distorted in noise
if "home" stretches itself
you can wear what you like
other than your heart on your sleeve

mother says, "believe in something"
didn't believe in that too much
says, "we were all born with one thing"
an elegant history in rust

say it's over and then you're gone before it's done
set it all out in a plan
laced with self-actualization
so your mind controls your body
in the way that i'm used to

find yourself doted by a querulous child whose thoughts are bound to give conclusion away
push the brown out of my eyes but i'm still gonna hide it all anyway
fade into sober mornings with arctic convulsions in either state
sorry we spilled the carrot juice, it was probably because of the diamonds in our brain

scrap metal boy gonna feel all better
says he's goin vegan, but his jacket's leather
and he did it all to impress some lady
that gave him a look drove him a little crazy

says, "i'm part of something now" but not sure just what
"but i'm still feelin like dying", guess you have to put up
with many more years of the fade in and out
could've been worse if he didn't have his wits about

says, "know i'm gonna miss what little hope i had left
cause it's gonna lay inside a pit again
and sink down into a place i find myself in from time to time"

"and you don't like my tunes for shivers and amiss"

say it's over and then i'm gone before it's done
ready to go to the end, or somewhere far away
with more waves and a whale to high five me

even when at sea, i'll still drag the streets


from cold drone blues expanded, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved