White Genocide Pillow Talk

from by Oi! Lungless

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why lie awake at night with the fear of extinction plaguing your mind?
let them spew their bile, and find yourself a wife
your lineage means more than your life

socrates and the kulaks didn't die for some new dogma
we suffer for our principles and burn by their side
give me hope or impalement, i'll accept nothing less
and what's more, give me back my traditions in tact

there is a better alternative indeed, but it isn't death and burning
it's not what you think
it's not a secret or private police
and you wouldn't like it if i told you
sincerity will make you despise me for life
if you're truly of the people than leave them their blood
i reject this obliteration and burning of my heritage


from Salt and Subsistence, released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved