Naughty Nationalist vs. Legion of Eunuchs

from by Oi! Lungless

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i'm a hermetic heretic baby
so put your bullet in me
you can make me suffer, make me bleed
it won't change a thing

britain to the british, and so forth
from the bargate of southampton to the highlands
they have a right to know what dangers they face

i understand the pull of lucifer
just as well as blinding blankets of virtue
surely there's something more efficient
than addictive power or unbridled masochism

you decimate everything that's good in my eyes
but you're so damn pretty, it's awful
the words you vomit make me want to give up on everything
but you look so adorable doing it

maybe there's no turning back
i won't turn my back on my ancestors
can you say the same?
to facilitate is to lose the game
is it just in your blood to betray?
they weakened you with fiction and fray
since birth they've had you castrated
not a first-world practice, now awaited

i was born into freedom, or so i thought
necessity aside, i need to speak my mind
without the threat of hanging or worse
they might call me a name
(this will not deter men weaker than i)


from Salt and Subsistence, released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved